Mortice Safe Chainsaw Attachment –Mini

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The Mortice Safe is a unique, chainsaw attachment designed to eliminate the danger of kickback whilst using the tip of the chainsaw bar to cut mortices . The Mini Mortice Safe will fit all chainsaw bars greater than 38cm (15 inches) and will penetrate into the timber 120mm (4 ¾ inches) A clear template and instructions are provided for easy fitting to your chainsaw bar – just 2 holes drilled using a small drill press and 2 bolts. Bar strength is not affected and the attachment can be easily removed .To use the attachment place the sharpened tynes onto the timber and engage full throttle – peak revs , then simply plunge the bar slowly forward until the required depth is achieved. Return saw to idle and withdraw the bar from the timber . Repeat this action vertically or horizontally to obtain desired results. The Land National Farm Invention winner 1996

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