Queensland Style Barking Bar

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An easy to use light weight barking bar specifically designed to follow the contours of the log to assist in the removal of bark. The Queensland style has a wider cutting face .Hand crafted by our blacksmith and zinc coated. Handy hint bark your logs as soon as they are fallen preferably in damp conditions and not on a windy day – if the sap dries out it makes the job much harder. Approx 4 foot – 1.2m long.

Customer Reviews:

Justin  (Saturday, 03 May 2014)
Rating: 5
I finally got around to buying one of these bars, and I should have bought two.rnrnThe bar makes peeling bark from a fresh stick very easy. Just drop
your stick, break through the bark then run the bar along and around the billet to free the bark. The curved face helps follow the side of the billet.
Use your foot too to help peel the skin off.rnrnI ordered my bar on Wednesday, it arrived Friday and it skinned 70 odd feet on Saturday. Worth
evey dollar.