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Series 3 Knockabout Axe number 2 + Rare collectable +

Series 3 Knockabout Axe number 2 + Rare collectable +

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Series Three Knockabout axe with spotted gum handle and leather sheath. Number 2 . Engraved with Special Edition 30th Anniversary 2024 to celebrate our 30th year in business.

This casting is the prototype for series 3 . There were 3 cast and we are keeping the other 2. It is slightly different from the series 3 castings we went ahead with. The words Hand Made and Axes and Tools are raised on this one. The castings we went into production with have these words recessed instead. Making this a rare collector axe. 

Made using Nickle Chrome Moly which is incredibly hard wearing and holds an edge for a very long time. Cutting face has been forged (hammered) and then ground, shaped and sharpened by hand by Steve and Matt . Father and Son tradesman team. 

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