Ezy Rip Chainsaw Attachment

Ezy Rip Chainsaw Attachment

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The Ezy Rip is a simple chainsaw attachment which empowers the operator to make quick, straighter , consistant depth cuts in timber billets. Cut your own fence posts and rails easier. Designed to be fitted to 20 inch bar or greater. The slipper foot simply rests on the timber and glides along the billet as you pull the saw.

  • easily attaches and removes from your chainsaw bar by 2 bolts
  • comes with a clear template for bolt locations and full instructions
  • depth of cut is adjustable allowing you to get 2 runs of posts from big diameter logs
  • Eliminates over cutting and reduces fuel consumption
  • The operator can make more accurate safer cuts without the need to straddle the log
  • provides a comfortable angle of cut and reduces fatigue as it takes some of the saw weight.

Runner Up National Finals The Land Graincorp Farm Inventor of the Year 1997