• - Graham Craig

    "I'm writing to thank you for the Razorback Hatchet that my wife bought me for our 10th wedding anniversary. I'm a fitter machinist & armourer by trade and I can honestly say it's rare to see high quality craftmanship like this around these days. It's clear you take pride in your work. I will treasure this hatchet for many years to come."

  • - Natasha Streaky

    "I am in the good books! I was told it was the nicest gift he has ever has. I don't know how many times he picked it up and said how much he liked it! The cover was a nice addition to the piece too!"

  • - John W

    "Wow! What great quality. Last year I puchased a cant hook , and recently purchased the standard log lifting tongs. Absolutely love both of these simple but powerful tools. I believe the magic in the Snedden's Lifting tongs is the design of the pivot points in the head piece. I looked at a couple other manufacturers tongs that were nowhere near as good as Snedden's. My only regret is that I should have bought these tools years ago."