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Peavey Hook Log Roller / Cant Hook 1.4m.

Peavey Hook Log Roller / Cant Hook 1.4m.

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Peavey hook is designed to roll and manoeuvre logs. Ideal for fencers , firewood gathering , post ripping and portable mill owners . If you need the log raised off the ground for cutting check out of log roller/ lifter . The hook , spike and mounts are made from Bisalloy 360 for strength and its zinc coated for long life. Available in 0.9m and 1.4m lengths. The 0.9m is more popular for tight situations like sawmills. 1.4m is more popular for general timber work.

Positive bite. We are often asked the maximum diameter that this peavey hook will roll. It really depends on so may factors - length of the log/billet , species of timber, moisture content and strength of operator. Basically we operate sawmills and cut firewood and it has rolled 60cm diameter logs. As long as the two sharp hook parts can bite into the timber it will roll any diameter if the operator is capable.




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