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Knockabout 6 in 1 Fencing Tool

Knockabout 6 in 1 Fencing Tool

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The Knockabout combines all these tools into one compact , easy to use unit.

  1. Star Picket Driver
  2. Star Picket Extractor with 3 height positions
  3. Star Picket Twist Straightener
  4. Removable cant hook
  5. Log Roller / Lifter for cutting firewood
  6. Spanner for gate fittings

The star picket driver combines a 25mm thick solid 1045 grade steel slug and specially developed impact nylon as the striker. Dramatically reducing the noise and vibration factors. The only driver on the market with this feature. It also has a flared end for easier placement of the driver onto the post. Suitable for standard pickets. 

The unique design of the star picket  jaw featured in the extractor allows for maximum grip. The jaw is manufactured from top quality Bisalloy steel for long life and durability. The pickets can be extracted from 3 height positions.

By engaging the jaw onto a twisted post still in the ground and applying force in the opposite direction twisted posts can be made usable again. The top tab can also be straightened to enable horse caps to be placed onto pickets.

The Knockabout can then be changed to a log roller / lifter which will roll timber up to 49cm diameter and elevate it off the ground for firewood cutting. Holding the timber at a more comfortable height and protecting your saw from striking the ground.

The removable cant hook can be used with a bar or machinery for rolling larger logs or positioning and turning strainers in the ground.

The spanner is the perfect size for common gate fittings and gudgeons, the extra long leverage will assist with even the toughest bolts.

Winner of The National Land/ Graincorp Farm Inventor competition of the Year 2001 and 4 other Australian design awards. Patented and design registered. Originally designed for and utilised by the Australian Defence Force.

Overall weight approx. 14.8kg  length 80cm







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