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Korean Style Hand Hoe - ho mi - Gold

Korean Style Hand Hoe - ho mi - Gold

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Extremely versatile all round garden tool . Perfect for weeding, tilling, cultivation, aerating and digging small holes for planting. The sturdy blade is offset to allow easier viewing of the work you are doing. Great for working around rocks and hard the reach places. 

Tradesman made in Australia using Bisalloy 450 which is a top quality tool steel proven for its durability. Australian spotted gum hardwood handle . Total overall length of tool is 33cm or 13 inches.   The blade is 12.7cm or 5 inches wide.  Available in black painted finish or gold zinc plating which is a superior outdoor tool finish. 

The design is based on the ho mi tool which has been made and used in Asia for centuries.

Also available in black

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