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Snedden's Pulaski

Snedden's Pulaski

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Top quality Australian made Pulaski . A combination hand tool combining an Axe blade and Mattock Blade. Widely used for firefighting and creating fire breaks. Able to chop hardwoods with axe side and dig soils with the Mattock side. 

The metal used is the same famous long wearing, durable edge holding metal we use in our entire axe range. Nickle Chrome Moly. Hammered and heat treated to align the metal grain structure then hand shaped and sharpened to a chisel grind suitable for  Australian hardwoods by Steve and Matt Snedden. 

The weight of the head alone is 1.6kg and with the handle fitted the unit weighs 2.5kg.

The axe blade is 11cm across and the mattock blade is 8cm across.

The  34 inch (87cm) spotted gum handle is made from timber we have harvested and processed.

Price includes Snedden's 4mm thick black leather double blade cover with velcro closures to ensure a tight fit everytime. All leatherwork is also made in house

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