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Star Picket Extractor with Y jaw - superior picket grip

Star Picket Extractor with Y jaw - superior picket grip

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Top quality 100% Australian Made featuring the Y jaw. The jaw combines the strength of Bisalloy steel with design for maximum grip on the picket thus reducing , fatigue , frustration , wasted pickets and jaw part replacements. Pickets can be extracted from 2 positions High and Low . Built strong and zinc coated.Folds for storage and transport. Can be positioned close to the picket so is very popular with concretors. Will engage with Maxi Posts. Handle is approx 60cm long.

Handle and jaw assembly can also be used to straighten twisted pickets and the tab on the top of the picket. Simply take the handle jaw assembly off the extractor and grip to the picket and apply force in the opposite direction whilst the picket is in the ground or held in a vice.



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